Sunday, 9 October 2016

Sump Comes Off

Lets see what's happening in the sump - always tells you what's been going on in the engine:

 There was a little bit of gunk in the bottom - nothing to worry about considering this motor has been idle for at least 15 years.

And with the filter, I took the mesh off and there was nothing in it at all.

Tacho Drive

Looks like new rubber seals in the tacho drive are needed. One seal and one O ring.

Barrel Off

Head came off easily but the barrel didn't want to move. Lots of gentle knock with bits of wood and even a bit of levering.

Ready for taking to the vapour blaster.

Head Off (1,523 Days into the project - how bad is that?)

Got the head off. I was very surprised at the carbon build up on the pistons and combustion chamber for such a low mileage motor.

 Honing still visible:

But the cam chain guides show very little wear:

Saturday, 8 October 2016

Engine Comes Apart

It's been some time (well nearly 2 years) since I last posted for this build. Several other bike projects came along ( have you ever heard that before) and distracted me.

I was in debate as to whether to strip the engine or to try and clean it up as a lump. It was very corroded in parts and I couldn't find a vapour blaster who would take on the job of doing the engine as one lump.

The corrosion is bad:

There was no way this was going to clean up without some form of blasting. So today I decided to start stripping the engine down so it could all be vapour blasted prior to repainting.

So here we go. Cams out first:

The journals are looking good. Well they've only done about 15,000 miles.

And the camshaft lobes are like new.