Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Number Plate (Day 10)

Rear Indicator Pod

Although this looks like a chromium plates piece of metal it is actually plastic with a chrome plating on both the pod and the stalk.  I think I can get this re-chromed.

Cam Covers (LHS)

These are on the "re-chroming" hit list.

Rectifier and Fuse Box Removal

Rear of the Rectifier / Fuse Box holding bracket.

 I think this is the rectifier.  It is obviously something that needs a heat sink which is now quite corroded.
 Rectifier, fuse box (attached to holding plate) and starter solenoid (LHS)

 Shows back of rectifier and fuse box holding plate.  This will need powder coating or 
respraying in the fullness of time.
The corroded rectifier in situ.

Start of Electrical Parts Dismantling

 This is the removal of what I think might be the starter solenoid.  I am not really sure but I also found a spare one of these items in the rear box.

Electrical connections to the solenoid 


  Wires off the solenoid
 Detail of wiring to solenoid
 Solenoid in position
Removal of cables from the solenoid

Saturday, 25 August 2012

More Parts

 This is what remains of the toolkit.  I think it is pretty much complete except now totally corroded.  Toolbox holder is ok.
 Rust in the bottom of the tool box holder from the corroded tools.
 Side panels are in good shape physically but will need respraying.

 Originally registered in Ontario, Canada and last taxed there in November 1994.  It was ridden in the UK from around 1998 for a couple of years with this licence plate.
Don't think the battery will still hold a charge!

Friday, 24 August 2012

Tank is prepared for dispatch

Using an old plastic container and a wooden lid, I have prepared the tank for transport.

I am sending it here:  Hartlepool Radiators

They have quoted me around £220 for the full renovation and priming package.  So we will see.

Sunday, 19 August 2012

Bike shots before restoration

More shots of the bike as restoration starts:

 Pitting of front forks

 Original speed showing 29,416 klms
 Electrics under LHS cover panel
Corroded front wheel

Which parts are still servicable?

The question for me is which of the bike's components are still serviceable:

 Tops of the carbs
Sides of the carb
 Float bowls
 Side of engine, carbs and airbox

 Corrosion on crank cases

Saturday, 18 August 2012

Fuel Tank Dismantling

 Fuel gauge float mechanism cover plate.
 Fuel tap and filter assembly.
 Fuel tap and filter assembly.
  Fuel gauge float mechanism cover plate.
  Fuel gauge float mechanism rubber seal.
  Fuel gauge float mechanism removed.
 Nameplate and fixing screws.
  Nameplate fixing screws.
 Tank retaining bolts, rubbers and spacers (perished)
Fuel tank rubber pads (good condition)

Petrol Tank Removal

Petrol tank removal showing rust around filler cap and dent in left hand side.