Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Installing Head Races and Swing Arm Bearings

This is officially the start of the actual rebuild.  This is the first 2 parts of the bike I am putting together.  Up till now it has been all dismantling and preparation.  Now we are rebuilding.

Now this might seem like a simple job - putting in the head races.  Line them up and bang them in.  I did this and the first one immediately went in sideways.  So I stopped and decided I needed some expert help.  A local bike mechanic has a very nice workshop and all the equipment and experience you need.  So it was off over there.  First we did the head races.  Clean up the interior surfaces and make sure no powder coating is interfering with the fit (nice to have some help!).
Nice and clean - ready to go.
Then we put in the race and clamped it in the jaws of a 10 ton press.
Nice and easy does it.  Why don't we all have tools like this?
Now onto the swing arm.  Using the other half as a bolster to make sure they are fully seated.

And back in the 10 ton press.
 In you go.
And fully home.