Saturday, 5 November 2016

Head Comes Apart

All the valves need taking out and clearances checked.

Gear Box Components Out

For vapour blasting all the internals need to come out.

Including this roller bearing that supports the gear selector drum.

And How Are Things Inside?

Quick look at the pistons: they have very few marks on their side but are quite sooty. I guess they were quite carbonned up, even though the mileage wasn't high. I sprayed WD40 into the barrels several times over the years to stop any corrosion and that's a good way to loosen up the deposits. They are very soft now.

To get the crank out it was necessary to take off pistons 1 and 4.

Cases Ahoy!

Now to get the cases apart and not to forget all the bolts top and bottom and the retaining plate clutch side. (Click on images to enlarge)