Thursday, 25 October 2012

The Stator is Revealed (Day 69)

 The famous Suzuki stator is revealed.  I am emptying the engine of oil and taking the LHS cover off is part of the job.  There is quite a magnetic force between the stator and the surrounding rotating cup.  It all looks in good repair.

And the biggest joy so far is to find that I can wrench the engine over easily.  The cylinders are not seized.

Front Brake Caliper LHS (Day 68)

Getting more stuff off the bike and I find another problem.  I knew the brakes were seized but how do I get the piston out of the caliper?  Is it even worth doing this?  If the caliper is rusted surely a new piston would not make the part serviceable and I need a new caliper as well?

 Rusted interior


 The last time I moved the bike the front fork seal popped on the LHS which accounts for all the oil over the caliper.
 Gunk parts washer.

Saturday, 20 October 2012

Starter Motor Wires / Stator Wires (Day 63)

Not sure is this is a conventional wiring set up. Looks to me like stator wires have been soldered here as I can't get them apart. I am going to have to give them the snip. They were also well taped up.
 Starter motor and stator wire (running alongside starter motor).

Wiring Harness Routing (Day 63)

Front Indicator Removal (Day 63)

Instrument Holder Frame (Day 63)

Instrument holder frame removal.

Retaining nut washer and rubber mounting.

Friday, 19 October 2012

Front Brake Resevoir Screw Problem (Day 60)

I really need help on this one. I got all the exhaust bolts out so I was thinking I was invincible.  Then look what happens.  I have stripped one of the screws on the chamber.  And it does not stand proud so I cannot hacksaw a groove into it.  Any ideas?
 I can get the other screw out but then does the top slide off?  If it has no lips on it holding it into the chamber, I can try unscrewing the whole of the rectangular top.
The level glass looks all cracked (click on photo to enlarge) and it still contains a clear looking brake fluid.

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Instrument Removal (Day 59)

Took the instruments off today.  Nuts, washers and inside of chrome backs are badly rusted but retrievable.

 Now there has definately been something living in here.  Looks like a silk worm.

 Chrome backs are not too bad on the outside.
 But on the inside . . . . . (lost one of the retaining nuts - poo!)
 Not nice.
 Now I suspect that the silk worm is responsible for this stuff on the speedo lens.  This is good news as I will not have to replace it . . . .

 But I will still have to get in there somehow.  I saw a video on YouTube some time ago about how to replace the glass.  Looks like I will have to prize this retaining ring off - without damaging it.  Fat chance!

Monday, 15 October 2012

Garage Set Up (Day 57)

Winter is approaching here in Kent (UK) and I am going to have to make some room in the garage.  Up to now I have been working on the bike in the exposed lean to.  But I need to make some space first!

 Boxes of parts
Box number 6